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Successful women are just like you.
Give yourself the promotion you deserve.
Your career advancement is possible. 
You know you have what it takes, but when it comes to showing up, you miss the cue, and you haven't been called for that promotion. It's time to stop under-valuing your worth and step into your leadership potential. ​Join me this week for a Career Advancement Group Strategy Session.  

I work with women who are committed to positioning themselves for advancement, developing their leadership presence and negotiating their true worth.

The Career Advancement Strategy Group Intensive has one purpose: to corral incredible women who want to advance and believe they deserve to.

Join from the from the comforts of your own home (webinar format) and receive the one-one executive leadership coaching and career advisory you need to move forward. You will:

• Identify your values-based leadership approach
• Strategically position yourself in your next meeting or an upcoming presentation
• Manage expectations of you so you are referred to in high regard
• Career Strategy. What it entails and why you need one
• Unexpected Interview? Ask away
• Performance conversation/review - Best tips to close on
Each attendee will also receive a 30-minute follow-up strategy session with Kristina to move forward immediately.

ECW has the aim to help 1000 women reach their potential in salary increases, career advances, and strategic positioning. You're in the hands of the best.  As the graduates who have raised their platform and their paycheque will be the first to say: Give yourself the promotion you deserve.

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